Keys Boat Tours


 Day on the Water

Base Rate$650Price for 1-4 people for 5 hours
Extra Person+$50Per person (6 people max)
Extra Time+$75Per hour

Bacountry Snorkel | Paddle Details »

Eco Island Loop

2 Hours$250Price for 1-4 people for 2 hours
Extra Person+$25Per person (6 Max)

Eco Island Loop Details »

Fish the FL Keys

3 Hours$475Price for 1-2 people for 3 hours (Backcountry / Bridge)
1/2 Day$550Price for 1-4 people for 4+ hours
Extra Time+$100Per hour

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Hands-On Boating Lesson

1 Person$450Price for 1 person for 3-1/2 hours
2 People$500Price for 2 people for 3-1/2 hours
Extra Time+$75Per hour

Hands-On Boating Safety Lesson Details »

Kayak | Paddleboard Rentals

Rentals1-4 Hours8 HoursDaily
(24 Hours)
Paddleboard Rental$25$40$50$150
Kayak Rental$25$40$50$150
Tandem Kayak Rental (2 people)$35$60$70$17

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Your Tour

Rate$350+Price for 1-6 people for 2 hours minimum
Extra Time+$75Per hour or as per discussed

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