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goliath grouper under our boat on the water

Looe Key Snorkel

3 Hours


When the conditions are right; light breeze and good visibility, the reef is the place to be. Looe Key is a local pride and joy – most impressive snorkel spot on the only barrier reef in the continental United States. It is an underwater marine sanctuary four miles out to sea that boasts a wide array of coral and colors.

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reef snorkel school of blue tang

Patch Reef / Mangrove Snorkel

2 Hours


Let Capt Brian show you lots of tropical fish. Snorkel gear is provided. Feel free to pack a lunch. Need a wetsuit? Add $10. Having fun? Add an hour +$75. The patch reef is a great back-up snorkel spot when the barrier reef is too choppy. If you prefer, we can go lobstering instead.

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Keys Boat Tours

Day on the Water

4 Hours


Eco • Snorkel • Paddle • Beach • Lunch: it’s up to you. The backcountry of the FL Keys is a very special place to explore. Located on the Gulf side, we’ll cruise the backcountry to the Content Keys, walk the flats, snorkel, paddleboard, see the birdlife. Our specialty is families and kids. A fun day on the water!

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Eco Island Loop

2 Hours


A 2 hour loop around Bahia Honda and out to No Name Key and the backcountry with Captain Brian. See the Gulf and the Atlantic sides. Skinny water and beautiful beaches. This is a great way to get on the water, and just may be the best deal in the Keys!

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Fish the FL Keys

3 to 4+ Hours


Recreational fishing is just that… When someone asks you what you’re fishing for, the answer is – a) snapper, b) jacks c) grouper d) to relax or e) all of the above. The goal is to fish and catch. We only hope that a) the fish are biting and b) you can bring them in the boat. If no signs of bite early in, we’ll change locations – head to a bridge or out the reef. Ultimate goal: good time fishing!

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sunset tour

Sunset Tour

2 Hours


A sunset in the FL Keys is a magical experience to behold. There are few places on the east coast where one can see the sun set into the water, and this is one of them. Motor or sail, ocean side or Gulf. We depart the marina 2 hours prior to sunset. Bring your own sunset drinks and snacks. We might even take a quick dip–whatever we want. You’re in the Keys!

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Your Tour

2+ Hours


Design your own tour for your special event on the water. Whether it is a memorial, proposal, wedding, anniversary, birthday, small gathering, or any other.

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Hands-On Boating Lesson

4 Hours


This is the only hands-on boating safety lesson in the Keys. You learn how to: a) dock a boat in different situations, b) drop and retrieve an anchor, c) understand weather, wind, and tides and d) drive a boat. Just one tip from this four hour session could pay for the entire lesson.

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sailing lesson and tour

Hands-On Sailing Lesson

4 Hours


This is the only sailing lesson outside of Key West. You raise sails, take the helm, switch the lee boards, tack, jibe, and …learn to sail. I often hear people say “I always wanted to learn how to sail”.

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Kayak Rental

1-4 Hours


Kayak or Paddleboard the Keys. First time, no problem. We’ll show you how to do it. Then, off you go. Pack a lunch, bring some water, paddle away and have fun. We share a beautiful channel with Bahia Honda State Park at MM 39. $25 = 4 hours, $40 = 9 to 5PM, $50 = 24 hours. Tandem kayaks +$10. We deliver = $10

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Paddleboard Rental

4 Hours


Paddleboarding is fun and suitable for people of all ages and abilities. Rent one of our paddleboards for two hours, full day or by the week. Paddleboarding is a great way to see the Keys and the water.

You might want to add snorkel gear to your rental $10 for the day. We also have wetsuits.

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Bicycle Rental

24 Hours


Our bikes are singlespeed and come in men’s and women’s bike frames with baskets. Locks and helmets are included. Explore Sunshine Key and surrounding Ohio Key, Veteran’s Memorial Park and Beach, or Bahia Honda State Park.

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  • Captain Brian is the hands down number 1 boat instructor in the Keys. I recently took my 14 year old daughter to a there hour hands on boating safety course with Captain Brian in Bahia Honda Key. He was absolutely fabulous and my daughter learned, in depth, how to navigate a boat in all manner of conditions including high winds, shifting tides, through narrow channel, docking the boat in various wind conditions, and chart reading. My daughter was captivated and it was very empowering for her to master these skills. Captain Brian has perfected a teaching skill which engages the kids so they really retain the information and have a great time learning.

    TOM & ALLY
  • The water was crystal clear, the sea life magnificent, the pelicans close, the Captain gracious, and the sunset backdrop breathtaking!  I cannot recommend this experience any higher!  Bon voyage!

  • I recommend the motor boat / paddleboard combo tour thoroughly. It was our first time on paddle boards and Captain Brian made it so easy.

    sup paddleboard rental keys getaway SARAH FROM TEXAS
  • Thanks so much for customizing our boat trip to serve both our needs!

    kayak florida keys JANINA & CHRIS
  • The protected cove, the rays, the sunset – a perfect outing with Capt Brian. Highly recommended.

  • Thanks to Captain Brian, we had an amazing time on the water. We loved every minute!

  • Thanks again for helping us today Capt Brian. It was fun, informative, confidence building, and a great first trip out to the reef.

    boating safety father and son on the water keys getaway KIERAN & MR. C!
  • Jack and I had wonderful time with you on the water. We see how much you love what you do. You made our trip to the Keys that much more special.

    enjoying an eco tour on the water keys getaway MAGGIE & JACK
  • My daughter and I had a wonderful day out on the water with Brian. He was very accommodating to what we wanted to do, kayaking, snorkeling and a tour of the mangroves.

    reef snorkel sylvia vicki SYLVIA & VICKI
  • Thanks to Captain Brian – I learned how throw a cast net in no time!


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