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Ceremonies At Sea is just that, a way for anyone and everyone to celebrate a bond, or a life. Captain Brian is ordained and can officiate weddings and memorials alike. Keys Boat Tours provides the charter, and can even provide an island for the occasion.

Ceremonies At Sea


Most of the memorials we do take place at the reef, and Looe Key, or in the back country off the Content Keys. It is often based on the wishes of the departed to their family, or where they spent much of their time, and loved – and told their family as much. I am always amazed by the strength of those who are sending a loved one off. They are more often celebrating a life, rather than grieving a loss. It is both, of course, but it is always beautiful, and inspiring. Captain and Minister Brian will discuss with the family the type of send off they wish to have. It can be a simple good-bye, or one with readings and the like. You might be content with placing your loved one where they once loved to spend time. You might wish to place s/he in a salt urn or more. The after event is often one of celebration – where the family enjoys a bit of time in the beautiful FL Keys. It might include a swim, snorkel, drinks, and music too. Or, not. The memorial is priced according to the extent with which you wish to spend; 2 hr – 6 hr., salt urn, size of charter party, photos, number of boats, requests, etc. The price ranges from $500 to $2500 +, but still very affordable compared to the crazy costs of send-offs these days. We hope to offer comfort here too.

Congratulations. It is my honor to officiate your wedding – if you choose me. Down here in the Keys, wedding celebrations run the gambit; from, Do You love here, Do you love him, I now pronounce your husband and wife. Here’s a six pack to. … We are gathered here together in this FL Keys temple of holy matrimony. Let me tell you a story about the couple I am about to wed… It can be simple and small on a boat or an island, or larger, even extravagant, under a tent, with live music, and catering. So it is difficult to put a number on our wedding fee except to say that, it could be as little as $350 and as much as $3500 +. But Captain / Minster Brian promise to make it a day to remember. You might even wish to camp out on a island – a where we provide the gear. Or, stay in a snazzy, or not so snazzy place, where we take care of the booking. Of course with all weddings, party count, island, on-shore rentals, live music, catering, after party – all dictates the fee. But, no matter, our goal is to deliver a day to remember for all time – and then some.



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      Things you might want to bring along

      Sunglasses, towel, hat, sunscreen, water bottle, wet shoes, neck bib, long sleeve shirt, wind breaker, bandana, wet bag, binoculars, camera, snacks.


      • A signed release waiver, and cash or credit card payment is required prior to boarding.
      • If prone to seasickness, we recommend that you take Dramamine (or other) the night before.
      • We want you to drink plenty of water, have something to eat, and use sunscreen liberally.



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      • Captain Brian is the hands down number 1 boat instructor in the Keys. I recently took my 14 year old daughter to a there hour hands on boating safety course with Captain Brian in Bahia Honda Key. He was absolutely fabulous and my daughter learned, in depth, how to navigate a boat in all manner of conditions including high winds, shifting tides, through narrow channel, docking the boat in various wind conditions, and chart reading. My daughter was captivated and it was very empowering for her to master these skills. Captain Brian has perfected a teaching skill which engages the kids so they really retain the information and have a great time learning.

        TOM & ALLY
      • The water was crystal clear, the sea life magnificent, the pelicans close, the Captain gracious, and the sunset backdrop breathtaking!  I cannot recommend this experience any higher!  Bon voyage!

      • I recommend the motor boat / paddleboard combo tour thoroughly. It was our first time on paddle boards and Captain Brian made it so easy.

        sup paddleboard rental keys getaway SARAH FROM TEXAS
      • Thanks so much for customizing our boat trip to serve both our needs!

        kayak florida keys JANINA & CHRIS
      • The protected cove, the rays, the sunset – a perfect outing with Capt Brian. Highly recommended.

        DOUG & FRIENDS