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A sunset in the FL Keys is a magical experience to behold. There are few places on the east coast where one can see the sun set into the water, and this is one of them. Motor or sail, ocean side or Gulf. We depart the marina 2 hours prior to sunset. Bring your own sunset drinks and snacks. We might even take a quick dip–whatever we want. You’re in the Keys!

Sunset on the Water

This is magic hour, when the seas flatten out, the sun is not too strong, and everything has a brilliant glow. This is the same as our eco tour, but during sunset. The wind dictates Gulf or ocean side. You can combine it with a dip. Or, you might instead combine it with a sip. You are free to bring whatever you like food and beverage wise. And, to play your own music. Enjoy the moment.

We depart the marina two hours prior to sunset, or if you prefer, 3 hours prior. This tour is $275 (2 hours) and $350 (3 hours). You’re in the Keys!


2 Hours $275 Price for 1-4 people for 2 hours
3 Hours $350 Price for 1-4 people for 3 hours
Extra Person +$25 Per person (6 people max)


Sit back and watch the sunset. We will cruise out to the backcountry to get the perfect view. This is smoothing it - fair weather and clear sky only. Choose to take a quick dip or to bring your own refreshments.


  • Water & Gatorade
  • Ice Chest
  • Swimming Noodles
  • Life Jacket

Not Included

  • Snacks

Things you might want to bring along

Sunscreen (reef safe), bathing suit, towel, long sleeve sun shirt, hat, neck gaiter, sunglasses, wind breaker, bandana, camera, personal water bottle, snacks and drinks.


  • A signed release waiver, and cash or credit payment, is required prior to boarding.
  • COVID-19: Facial coverings are mandatory in the Florida Keys – Please wear a face mask/neck gaiter inside our shop and at the marina.
  • If prone to seasickness, we recommend that you take Dramamine (or other) as directed.
  • We want you to drink plenty of water, have something to eat, and use sunscreen liberally.
  • We have a 48-hour cancellation policy, and the Captain reserves the right to cancel any trip due to weather and/or any other circumstances


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