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Fishing / Navigation 101

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Navigating the FL keys can be difficult with all the skinny water and obstacles in the water. Fishing can be challenging as well...what tackle to use, what bait, where to go and at what time.

Fishing / Navigation 101

Fishing 101 or Navigation 101, or combination. Saltwater fishing

Navigating the Fl keys can be difficult with all the skinny water around. Captain Brian will start with a chart and show you your boating playground.

The lesson takes place Big Pine Key Resort (MM33). But, we also offer to come to you and use your boat ($100 per hour travel time, e.g., Key Largo +$200). We introduce you to your boating playground, and can even put tracks on “your” GPS. This 4 hour “private” lesson will start your boating life like nothing else.

We also offer: Hands-on Boating lessons on our boat or yours. You will gain lots of confidence from what you learn too – guaranteed. Makes a great gift!



1 Person $650 Price for 1 person for 4 hours
2 People $700 Price for 2 people for 4 hours
Extra Time +$75 Per hour
Book included BOAT FISH LIVE

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Fishing 101
We start by going over what's in your tackle box. What kind of fish you want to target? and what kind of tackle and bait do you need. We show you basic knots, tying leader to braid or mono. We look at the Top Spot Chart and show you how to read it.
Navigation 101
We start in the classroom looking at the chart. We show you your boating playground 4 -5 places you want to learn how to navigate to.


  • Water & Gaterade

Not Included

  • Lunch and snacks

Things you might want to bring along

Sunglasses, towel, hat, sunscreen, water bottle, wet shoes, neck bib, long sleeve shirt, wind breaker, bandana, wet bag, binoculars,  camera, snacks.


  • A signed release waiver, and cash or credit card payment is required prior to boarding.
  • Health: if you have any cold, flu or other worrisome symptoms, we ask that you please skip the outing. And please inform us of any medical conditions that you might have: diabetes, epilepsy, allergies, etc. We respect your privacy, but we need to know.
  • If prone to seasickness, we recommend that you take Dramamine (or other) as directed.
  • We want you to drink plenty of water, have something to eat, and use sunscreen liberally
  • We have a 48-hour cancellation policy, and the Captain reserves the right to cancel any trip due to weather and/or any other circumstances.



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