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Fish the FL Keys

Recreational fishing is just that... When someone asks you what you’re fishing for, the answer is - a) snapper, b) jacks c) grouper d) to relax or e) all of the above. The goal is to fish and catch. We only hope that a) the fish are biting and b) you can bring them in the boat. If no signs of bite early in, we'll change locations - head to a bridge or out the reef. Ultimate goal: good time fishing!

Fish The Florida Keys

This fishing trip is a 4 hour outing; just the right amount of time for many. We mainly do bridge fishing, channel fishing, and structure fishing depending on the conditions. The ultimate goal is to stay in calm waters and have a good time catching fish. We catch bait, and try a few different spots to bend the rod, and for some, bring home dinner. If the conditions are flat, and you wish to head out to the reef, we can do that too. It is your time in the beautiful Florida Keys. Enjoy it!

Reef and wreck fishing are two different approaches but not entirely different. We will still bottom fish, and toss out a free line, but at a wreck we might also do some jigging for… Bonita, amberjack, grouper, and a wide variety of snapper; gray, mutton, and yellowtail to name a few. If we see a weed line or some debris along the way, we might troll in between locations.


3 Hours $425 Special Price for 1-2 people (Backcountry / Bridge )
1/2 Day Inshore $500 Price for 1-4 people (Backcountry / Reef Fishing) 4+ hours
1/2 Day Offshore $650 Price for 1-4 people (Trolling / Deep drop) 4+ hours
3/4 Day Offshore $850 Price for 1-4 people (Trolling / Deep drop) 6+ hours
Extra Time +$100 Per hour


Inshore Fishing
It could be out front on the ocean side, from the bridges to the reef. Or, it might be in the backcountry on the Gulf side. The conditions and time of year dictate our direction and target species. Out front, we will set up for yellowtail and otherwise drop a line or two on the outriggers for bottom fish. Then, we might come in closer for snapper and grouper. There is also the option to drift for lane snapper. On the Gulf side, we will target mangrove snapper, grouper, and in winter months; mackerel, sea trout, and possibly cobia. Most all of our presentation is live bait and freeline, but we do bottom fish, and toss artificials out from time to time too.
Trolling and Deep Drop Fishing
Our boat is just 24' center console, so we choose weather selectiviely to go offshore, 10 to 20 miles and 200' to 1000' deep. Here we target dolphinfish and anything that might be tempted by ballyhoo or artificials (near weed lines or around birds). We also bring our deep drop rig along, an electric reel where we target tilefish, barrelfish, and grouper. It is exciting when the rod bends for sure. Until then, it is relaxing


  • Fishing Gear
  • FL Fishing License
  • Filleting Your Catch
  • Water & Gatorade
  • Life Jacket

Not Included

  • Lunch and snacks

Things you might want to bring along

Sunglasses, towel, hat, sunscreen, water bottle, wet shoes, neck bib, long sleeve shirt, wind breaker, bandana, wet bag, binoculars,  camera, snacks.


  • A signed release waiver, and cash or credit card payment is required prior to boarding.
  • COVID-19: Facial coverings are mandatory in the Florida Keys – Please wear a face mask/neck gaiter inside our shop and at the marina.
  • If prone to seasickness, we recommend that you take Dramamine (or other) as directed.
  • We want you to drink plenty of water, have something to eat, and use sunscreen liberally.
  • 20% tip is customary / No Sale Tax on Fishing Charters
  • We have a 48-hour cancellation policy, and the Captain reserves the right to cancel any trip due to weather and/or any other circumstances


Blue Star Operator

Blue Star is a program established by Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary recognizing tour operators who are committed to promoting responsible and sustainable diving, snorkeling, and fishing practices to reduce the impact of these activities on ecosystems in the Florida Keys. Blue Star operators take the extra step to educate you to be better environmental stewards and to interact responsibly with natural resources in the Keys.





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