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The Hunters and the Hunted:

This is an excerpt from a book I am working on; Expedition of a Lifetime. It follows a conversation about the catastrophic bird plumage desecration at the turn of the centrury, 1800 – 1900, and the 50 to 75 years that it took to recover.
The onset of global warming presents a new and potential devastating problem, the likes of which are now widely known. It is all but certain, for example, that with each degree of sea temperature rise, brought about by man made green house gases introduced to the atmosphere and ocean waters, species will perish. The link between man made global warming and global destruction are many. It is not a cold winter in New England anymore that can relieve our fear of climate change, but rather, the dire condition of the arctic ice cap, strange persistent weather conditions world wide, like drought, and consistent higher sea and air temperature that is the greatest concern to every living thing on earth. The signs are not promising. Global warming is not the political issue that pundits and politicians try to make it, nor is it just a threat to bird species, or even the US alone. It is a planetary and human threat, effecting huge populations from California to the Middle East and beyond. It is a time to ask ourselves, what kind of earth do we wish to leave our children and their children? And, to try to remedy the situation in the most efficient time possible, Consequences are many. Leadership is questionable worldwide, which is yet another reason why citizens of the planet must unite.
A journey such as this, aboard the sailing vessel, Freedom, gives one time to reflect. It offers the opportunity to learn a little about; sailing, birds, fish – and the world around us. It brings to mind the subject of hunters and the hunted. We are lucky to be here, and fortunate to be able to think to ourselves. Why am I here, while other less fortunate individuals, will never get the opportunity to see a beautiful seascape such as this? Or, to observe a shark, ray, or marine turtle? Or, even get the opportunity to sail – ever? Who decided who gets to go and who doesn’t? Yet another of life’s mysteries. We can’t solve the worlds problems on a one or three night journey, but you can better believe that if our world leaders were to take a perspective check, get outside their bubble and hop aboard Freedom, the world might be a better place. This journey allows us to make the world a better place one person at a time. What we choose to do with the experience is different for different people. One thing is for certain, some of us are much more fortunate than others. If we fall into the former, we have much to be thankful for. Just think of the opportunities that some of us get and others don’t. The haves and the have nots. Why is it that some, or many, get to fly first class, and others have to hitch hike? How can we give back?

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