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Free Room With Every 3-Hour Tour

It’s not so easy to launch a new business. It’s hard enough to come up with a good concept, get the physical equipment, create a website and FB page, and work out all the details – and kinks. We are pretty much there. Now, the hard part, marketing. How can we actually get people in our boats, on our paddle boards, and out on the water with us? It seems we need a gimmick of some sort. Our tour fees are some of the lowest around, but we need more. While we cannot legally rent a room for short stays (stays shorter than 28 days as deemed by Monroe County), no one said we couldn’t have house guests. And, since we have a private guest trailer and bath (and kitchen), I thought why not offer this as incentive – if you purchase a 3-hour $250 tour, you get the room free. But, there is a two night and two tour minimum. We are hoping that this great deal will gain traction, but we don’t want to be cleaning sheets every day, hence the two day minimum. A normal fee for a half day on the water is usually $350. That’s for the tour alone. There are some very good deals for getting on the water, but not s much with private charters. If you don’t mind company of say 80 people, you can get on the water for as little as $30 to $50. But, I will take you where few others do. We can explore the backcountry and take a dip. We can fish – and catch. We can do a marine science exploration, snorkel, sail, or combo; paddle board then snorkel. Perhaps one day, I too will be able to charge $350 for a half day outing. But, until that day comes, Keys Boat Tours 3-hour tour of your choice includes a free room and bath for individuals and couples. Spend a couple of days on the water with us, a couple of nights in our very clean and comfortable travel trailer, then take our land itinerary, explore the Keys, visit Key West, and stay at other places. Or, spend the week with us for a slightly reduced rate.  If getting on the water is part of your planned visit to the Keys, and it should be, this is a great deal. I hope you agree so much that you will share this news with your friends. After all, its a big win / win. Pleas take a minute to visit the website. Oh, if you’re reading this that means you’re there. Thanks.

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